ZVOX Father’s Day Offer: $50 Off Wireless Earbuds and Soundbar With Advanced Voice Clarification Technology

ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Products Feature AccuVoice®, a proprietary technology that enhances the intelligibility of dialogue on TV programming, Videos and Audio Calls

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZVOX, the industry leader in dialogue clarification technology, is celebrating Father’s Day this year (June 19) with a special $50 off sales promotion for the company’s new AV30 True Wireless Earbud Headphones and AccuVoice AV257 Dialogue Clarifying TV Speaker. By entering the promo code DAD50 when shopping on ZVOX.com or Amazon.com, consumers will receive a $50 discount of the current price of the AV30’s ($119.99), or the AV257 ($219.99). The offer is valid through Father’s Day.

Two Great Ways to Enhance Dad’s TV and Audio Listening Experience
The new ZVOX AV30 wireless headphones are the perfect complement to an active Dad’s on-the-go lifestyle. The world’s first true wireless earbuds that combine hybrid noise cancellation and AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology, the sleek AV30s deliver audiophile-quality sound performance for incredibly realistic music and movie soundtracks. These unique earbuds, combine the company’s patented AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology, hybrid active noise cancellation and true Bluetooth wireless connectivity with a range of more than thirty feet. They’re ideal for any dad who enjoys personal music listening or audiobooks and wants to hear everything clearly and with added realism.

The AV257 TV speaker is a gift that can bring the whole family together by making TV, movies, and sports more enjoyable for everyone. The super compact soundbar features both ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice® hearing aid technology and the company’s latest innovation, SuperVoice, that clarifies dialogue and adjusts TV background sound to virtually "lift" the dialogue and bring voices front and center. The result is a dramatically enhanced and enjoyable TV watching experience, tailor-made for viewers who may have difficulty understanding dialogue. ZVOX’s technology also "dims" background noises, so the dialogue sounds even crisper. The AV257 is also "Alexa" ready, so users have the convenience of Alexa Echo while enjoying great, room-filling TV sound.

ZVOX: Hearing Solutions & Home Entertainment.
Founded in 2003, ZVOX has been committed to enhancing and discovering simple hearing solutions for over 18 years, leading the industry in dialogue clarification technologies. From its start as a traditional home theater speaker company, ZVOX gained success and industry recognition for its line of critically acclaimed sound bars and SoundBases. In 2014, ZVOX introduced a landmark technology that would ultimately change the company’s focus and establish it as the unrivalled leader in dialogue clarity enhancement. ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology uses advanced algorithms to mimic the function of a hearing aid, resulting in a dramatically new level of dialogue boosting and voice clarity. With the launch of its AV200 AccuVoice TV Speaker, ZVOX created a new category of dialogue clarifying soundbars, speakers and headphones and found a broader audience among the over-fifty-five demographic and consumers with mild hearing loss. Today ZVOX offers a variety of hearing-related products including speakers, wireless headphones, and hearing aids. Based in Swampscott, MA, ZVOX sells though zvox.com, Amazon, Walmart.com and QVC.

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