Z-Wave Alliance Kicks Off 2024 with New Members, Updated Educational Materials, and CES 2024 Presence

With newly elected leadership in place, the Z-Wave Alliance announces new member companies, availability of in-demand educational resources, and 30+ members at CES.

BEAVERTON, Ore., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Z-Wave Alliance, the standards development organization dedicated to advancing the smart home and Z-Wave® technology, today announces a burst of updates including an exciting new member, availability of in-demand educational resources, and support for dozens of Z-Wave Alliance member companies at CES 2024. On the heels of announcing the newly elected Board of Directors, the bevy of announcements from the Z-Wave Alliance marks an explosive start to 2024.

OliverIQ Joins the Z-Wave Alliance

Officially launched at CES 2024, OliverIQ (Venetian Expo Booth #51932) is on a mission to put smart home automation in reach for everyone with their Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) solution. With OliverIQ, a single user-friendly app unites third-party connected devices within the home, backed by unlimited always-on support. OliverIQ has joined the Z-Wave Alliance at the manufacturer level and has meticulously engineered their Smart Home as a Service solution to seamlessly integrate user’s most desired smart home devices – many of which are Z-Wave-certified – into a single streamlined experience. This new solution provides users with a consolidated app and access to control over third party devices, optional live security monitoring, remote monitoring, and management, as well as comprehensive technical service and support.

New Z-Wave Long Range Resources

Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) has been engineered to provide significantly extended wireless range, support robust networks, and extend Z-Wave connectivity beyond the interior boundaries of the home to improve wireless transmission range of peripheral Z-Wave devices. The technology responsible for ushering in a new era of Z-Wave connectivity and bringing expanded options for the smart home, multi-dwelling units, and hospitality use cases is the chosen topic for the latest round of published educational content produced by the Z-Wave Alliance. Today, the Z-Wave Alliance announces availability of the Z-Wave Long Range eBook and Alarm.com Water Dragon and Z-Wave Long Range case study.

Z-Wave Long Range (ZWLR) is the latest addition to the “WHY Z-WAVE” educational eBook series created by the Z-Wave Alliance and is now available via the Alliance website. Produced for industry partners, members, and the market at large, the WHY Z-WAVE eBook series serves as the definitive guide to Z-Wave technology and how the Z-Wave protocol addresses existing and emerging markets. As the latest published volume, the Z-Wave LR eBook covers network topology, showcases how the technology increases range, coverage, scalability, dynamic power management, and discusses benefits of Z-Wave LR for everyone including manufacturers, developers, installers, and consumers.

To showcase Z-Wave LR applications and benefits in the market today, the Z-Wave Alliance announces availability of the Water Dragon™ case study, published in partnership with Alarm.com and Silicon Labs. Available for download now, this informative case study examines the challenges faced by Alarm.com during the product development process and highlights how the Z-Wave 700 Series module from Silicon Labs with support for Z-Wave LR presented a clear solution to those challenges. As one of the premier brands in smart security and technology, the case study explores why Alarm.com chose to implement Z-Wave LR within the Water Dragon solution to achieve increased range capabilities and dynamic power control offered by the technology. The unique combination of these two features is critical in supporting future-proof Z-Wave installations since one of the most compelling use-cases for sensors, especially those needing increased battery life, is the ability to deploy them in hard-to-reach places such as attics, basements, or behind walls.

CES 2024 Presence and Support

With over 30 member companies exhibiting at CES 2024, Z-Wave technology will be broadly displayed at the event. The full list of exhibiting Z-Wave Alliance membership companies will be available within the Z-Wave Alliance suite located at Tech West, Venetian and Palazzo Hospitality Suite #32-139.

The Z-Wave Alliance is hosting a series of informative fireside chat sessions designed to excite and educate attendees about the state of Z-Wave technology and explore opportunity-rich verticals. Each of the three sessions will feature a unique presentation topic followed by a cocktail and networking event. The fireside chat series and topics are as follows:

  • 1/9/24 – The State of Z-Wave Chips
  • 1/10/24 – Parks Associates Presents: The Rise of Smart Homes in Multifamily Living
  • 1/11/24 – Learning to Build Smart Home Devices with Z-Wave Long Range

Full details on the Z-Wave Alliance Fireside Chat Series including access to tickets and the waitlist can be found here.

To access and download the recently published Z-Wave Long Range eBook, click here.

To access and download the Alarm.com Water Dragon and Z-Wave Long Range case study, click here.

For additional information about Z-Wave technology and the Z-Wave Alliance, visit http://z-wavealliance.org.

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About the Z-Wave Alliance

The Z-Wave Alliance is a standards development organization dedicated to developing and advancing Z-Wave® technology as an open and internationally recognized ITU standard (G.9959) for smart home and IoT solutions. Alliance members continue to shape and drive the future of Z-Wave through open development in the Alliance OS Work Group. With over 4,400 certified wireless, interoperable devices, Z-Wave Alliance member companies provide leading edge products and systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, energy conservation, safety, security, and more. The Z-Wave Long Range (Z-Wave LR) specification uniquely enables IoT applications beyond the home. With a range of up to 1.5miles, Z-Wave LR provides the performance and scalability needed in MDU & hospitality deployments, and more. Learn more at www.zwavealliance.org 

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