Young, Innovation-Driven Team Develops Revolutionary Maxlook Magnetic Selfie Stick for iPhone, Paving the Way for a Future of Pioneering Products for a Digital Audience

Infinite Mind builds creative new products designed for modern life, empowered by daily living. 

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Acting as a bridge between technology and everyday life, Infinite Mind is the first brand to elevate this synergy by creating truly unique and useful products to enhance moments, memories, and more. The Infinite Mind team has developed the first magnetic selfie stick – Maxlook – for the iPhone, which upgrades the selfie capabilities of any iPhone and provides endless photo-capturing possibilities.

Striving to become the best brand of its kind, the Infinite Mind team is young, creative, and committed to innovating the best products for a modern world, fusing the latest technological capabilities with a human-centric approach. Their Maxlook selfie stick, created specifically for the iPhone, is not only useful for everyday photos, but also a must-have for travel, special occasions, events, and beyond. 

Additionally, Infinite Mind retains strong supply chain capabilities with an experienced product team to bring technological innovation to life. With selfie experience insight and as selfie-lovers themselves, the Infinite Mind team is looking forward to enhancing lives and experiences with products that bring value beyond measure. The selfie stick for iPhone is just the beginning.

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About Infinite Mind

Originating from the concept of infinite imagination beyond boundless space, Infinite Mind was developed as a way to bring individual creativity and potential to life with unique and intelligent products built for the modern world. Infinite Mind is known for the first magnetic selfie-stick, designed by an expert team that is devoted to excellence and the audience they build for. 

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