VeSync, a Leading Provider of Smart Home Products, Will Showcase Their Smart Home Ecosystem at CES 2022

ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VeSync, the leading provider of smart home products, will be showcasing select products at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), highlighting the brand’s new focus of helping families across the globe build out their smart home ecosystems. All three VeSync brands – Levoit, the number one selling air purifier brand in the United States*, Cosori, the number one selling air fryer brand** and Etekcity, the number one smart fitness scale brand** – are connected through the proprietary VeSync app, which unites its smart products across the brands to help users build more connected lifestyles.

"At VeSync, our main goal is to help people stay connected, provide convenience and personalize smart experiences, focusing on ‘where innovation meets home.’ This emphasizes our position as a global technology company focused on helping users improve their home and day-to-day life through the offerings of our VeSync app," says Grace Yang, Founder and CEO of VeSync. "We are open to partnering with other brands in expanding their smart home ecosystem. By utilizing our VeSync app and technology, we can help develop their smart products’ capabilities and expand their IoT platforms. "

From Wednesday, Jan. 5 through Saturday, Jan. 8, CES attendees can experience and learn more about VeSync’s innovative products across all three brands. Located at Booth #52113, attendees will experience an interactive smart home setup where guests can test, connect and explore.  

At CES 2022, VeSync will launch and demo three new products, highlighting incorporation of smart home technologies across brands.  

  • The Cosori Dual Blaze Air Fryer, available for ($179.99) on Amazon, features 12 customizable functions in one air fryer. With the smart control technology, users are able to control the air fryer remotely, monitor cooking progress and activate voice control with Amazon through the VeSync app. The air fryer also has patented 360 ThermolQ Technology which allows the food to cook evenly without needing to shake or flip.
  • The Levoit Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, the newest model in the Core Series, will be available for ($299.99) at and Amazon. With a 3-stage filtration process, the purifier filters and traps 99.97% of airborne particles .3 microns in size, allowing it to purify up to 3,177 square feet in as little as one hour. The smart technology gives real-time air quality readings, allows users to control settings, create schedules, and access voice assistances such as Amazon Alexa to customize their indoor air quality. In auto mode, the purifier will utilize self-adjusting fans that adapt speeds according to the room’s air quality. The Core 600S also features Eco Auto Mode which helps conserve energy, by turning off the purifier if the air quality levels are excellent. The mode also incorporates a new light sensor which automatically turns off the display when not in use.
  • The Levoit EverestAir, is the newest air purifier by Levoit. Slated to launch in Spring of 2022, the Levoit Everest Air is not yet available to the public but will be exclusively demoed at CES 2022. The Everest Air will feature rotating vents that oscillate air flow, 3-stage filtration system with H13 true HEPA filter and HEPASmart™ Technology, and provide real-time AQI readings with AirSight Plus Technology. The CES demonstrations will allow guests the opportunity to test and learn about the Levoit Everest Air ahead of its official release.

"Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an increase in the amount of time families spend at home, and we are committed to making that transition more accessible, convenient and healthier," says Yang. "From breathing clean air and preparing healthy food to achieving wellness goals, the VeSync brands have created a smart home ecosystem of smart products that allow users to complete those tasks from the palm of their hand with the VeSync app."

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*Source: The NPD Group / Retail Tracking Service, US unit sales, 12 months ending October 2020. Based on Amazon sales.

*Source: Stackline data for U.S. Amazon Sales (September 2021)

About Vesync Co., Ltd

Vesync Co., Ltd is a leading market player in the smart home appliance online market in the United States. Its products are sold to users in several countries, including, without limitation, the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Japan. Its business primarily focuses on the online marketing, innovative and accessible home appliances and smart home devices under its increasingly recognized brands, namely, Etekcity, Levoit and Cosori, which are mainly sold on Amazon, the largest e-commerce marketplace in the U.S.

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