Tribest Launches 5th Generation Greenstar Juicer, Continuing Anniversary Celebration

Premium Cold Press Juicer Available Just In Time For the Holidays 

ANAHEIM, Calif., Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of its 35th-anniversary celebration, Tribest, a leading manufacturer of innovative kitchen and wellness appliances, has announced the highly anticipated launch of its 5th Generation Greenstar Juicer. With a rich history dating back to 1994, the Greenstar Juicer Series is renowned for its exceptional performance and has consistently ranked as a top-performing cold press juicer, diligently catering to the wellbeing of vegans, vegetarians, and the holistic health community at large for over three decades.

The hallmark of the GS5 is its complete mastication system powered by advanced stainless steel jumbo twin gears, which is uniquely designed to generate increased juicing torque, resulting in 30% more juice yield than competing juicers. The stainless-steel twin gears incorporate magnetic and bioceramic technology, enhancing the fresh quality of juices, preserving them for at least three days* with minimal loss of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and enzyme content.

The Greenstar 5 operates at a low 110 RPM, ensuring minimal heat generation during the juicing process for a true cold press of even hard-to-juice produce like celery, greens, ginger, carrots, and turmeric. Together, with the updated design look, the newest Greenstar 5 is user-friendly, simpler to set up, and easier to clean than ever before while simultaneously offering the same great technology fans have come to rely on. Independent laboratory tests confirm that Greenstar’s Twin Gear juicing system extracts a substantially higher quantity of minerals than other competing juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals, like calcium, iron, and zinc are 50-200% higher in juice from the Greenstar.*

“When we introduced the Original Greenstar in 1994, we had a strong belief that it would be cherished by our fans, but we never could have anticipated that it would become an enduring icon of juicing technology,” said Tribest CEO, William Choi. “Today, the Greenstar remains a best-seller, and with each new release, we’re dedicated to evolving its technology.”

The Greenstar 5 offers a versatile approach to culinary creativity. In addition to crafting nutritious, fresh juices, this exceptional appliance can be used to prepare an array of delightful foods, including whole fruit sorbets, flavorful sauces and dips, nut and seed butters, baby food, and an assortment of nut and seed milks.

Tribest’s Greenstar 5 is set to hit the market just in time for the holidays for an MSRP of $849 and can be purchased through Tribest’s website, on Amazon, or through a number of online retailers. For more information about the GS5 or Tribest and its products, please visit

*Independent lab results available here.


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