Thousands of New Free Stock Photos and Illustrations Available as Freerange Stock Passes 750,000 Members

TUCSON, Ariz., Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leading free image provider Freerange Stock – trusted as a supplier of high-quality, legally sourced, free stock photos for over 12 years – is in the process of adding thousands of high-quality images to its existing collection at

These new free images will be highly relevant to users seeking photos and illustrations related to current pressing issues – the COVID-19 pandemic, a push for greater racial equality, the isolation of working, or not working, from home, among others.

“We’ve actively sought to increase the diversity of our images, the quality of the content we represent, and the relevancy of the collection,” says Chance Agrella, President of Freerange Stock. “Our users are facing unprecedented challenges and we’re responding with image collections to help them face those challenges.”

From inception, Freerange has built a collection based on curated, individually reviewed images that are licensed for broad commercial or editorial use with as few barriers to usage as possible. Freerange content has been used in thousands of advertisements, blogs, books, magazines, videos, social media campaigns, business communications, album covers, and more.

“Our goal is to foster the success of our users by providing the imagery they need to present their business or personal projects as polished and professional,” Agrella continued. “We post new images every day, and we couldn’t be happier with the images we’ve recently added to the collection.”

In contrast to many free image sites offering large but legally-risky collections of images from untraceable origins, Freerange built its large collection more intentionally, from known sources: in-house collections, contributions from registered photographers, and images licensed from secondary sources.

Regardless of the source, Freerange images generally have a title, description and complete set of keywords for enhanced discoverability. This image metadata, while quite burdensome to produce and supply, provides end users specific information about the images they’re using to represent themselves or their businesses.

Images offered by Freerange Stock are licensed under Equalicense ( – a straightforward license that does not require attribution and allows nearly any commercial use, short of resale and redistribution.

About Freerange Stock: Providing top-quality free stock photos, illustrations and textures under a generous royalty-free license since 2007, Freerange Stock has over 750,000 registered users worldwide, with new images uploaded every day.

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Grace Davis

SOURCE Freerange Stock

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