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RAMSEY, N.J., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — IntelliQuit, a leader in tobacco treatment products and services, announced today the release of the MyNicotineTest mobile and web-based apps. The MyNicotineTest mobile app (available on the Apple App store and at empowers every tobacco user anywhere to discover the biochemical amount of nicotine in their body in 15 minutes in the convenience of their home.

"Empowering tobacco users to measure their own nicotine levels is like dieters measuring their weight loss. Measuring allows the user to gain control over their tobacco use and helps assessing healthy progress," said Robert Philbert, MD, PhD a professor of Psychiatry, board-certified psychiatrist and biomedical engineer who treats tobacco-addicted patients. "Knowing how much nicotine a smoker, vaper, dipper or chewer consumed biochemically helps me guide my patients to cut-down and then quit when they are ready," Dr. Philbert continued.

"The IntelliQuit mobile app was developed by a team of tobacco treatment experts, computer scientists, chemists, and physicians and leverages an FDA cleared, CLIA waived technology, allowing any tobacco user to measure all nicotine consumed from any source, including e-cigarette vaping" said Matthew Bars, MS, CTTS, NCTTP IntelliQuit’s CEO and co-founder, and Director of the Fire Department of New York City’s Tobacco Treatment Program. "Smokers and vapers come to us concerned about their tobacco use. Knowing how much nicotine is in their system can guide healthy progress. For example, vapers don’t want to go back to combustible cigarettes but may be at a loss at what to do. It is not uncommon for many vapers to consume more nicotine than they did while smoking." For a limited time, with My Nicotine Testing tobacco consumers will receive tobacco treatment counseling without charge. A board-certified Tobacco Addiction Specialist, Bars has treated tens of thousands of smokers. He is also an editor of the Journal of Smoking Cessation and the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The MyNicotineTest app works by measuring color changes-more nicotine produces an increasingly darker reddish pink color. Color changes are read by the smartphone via a process called computer vision. Using AI and deep machine learning, the resulting color map is read by the user’s smartphone and uploaded to a HIPAA compliant cloud which returns the biochemical nicotine value to the user in seconds.   

The IntelliQuit Mobile App was designed with the smoker in mind. More than 47 million Americans and 1.3 billion people worldwide still use tobacco and many began vaping to help them stop smoking. Without new and improved ways to engage the user, tobacco is expected to kill 1 billion people this century" he continued. 

A health care professional-facing app is also available separately at the App Store for clinicians to help their tobacco using patients.

For more information or to download the app, visit IntelliQuit at the Apple app store. Visit to discover more.

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Dr. Philbert is the founder of Behavioral Diagnostics ( is the leading provider of epigenetic substance use assessment tools for the civil and research market including the Smoke Signature© and Alcohol Signature assays. 

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