THINKERS Notebook Launches Premium Smart Notebook Solution

DALLAS, Dec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — THINKERS Manifesto today announces the launch of the new THINKERS Notebook, a premium smart notebook system for capturing ideas on paper and sharing them in the cloud. Designed for thinkers from the boardroom to the classroom, the THINKERS Notebook combines a uniquely designed, 256-page, 5mm dot grid, lay flat journal with an intuitive mobile app for quickly capturing and collaborating on pages from the notebook.

“The THINKERS Notebook is an elegantly crafted, premium quality notebook unlike any on the market today,” says Sean Jackson, CEO and co-founder of THINKERS Manifesto. He adds, “And what makes it truly special is the way the THINKERS App is optimized to seamlessly capture pages from the notebook and makes collaborating on those ideas effortless.” 

The THINKERS Notebook is available for $29.95 at and is the perfect solution for consultants, students, and creative professionals that want to unlock their creative ideas – from paper to the cloud. 

The THINKERS Notebook is a sophisticated journal with 256 numbered pages using 120 gsm off-white paper (suitable for any type of pen or pencil) with thread-binding that provides a perfect lay flat design that is convenient to use in front of the computer. The cover consists of black bonded leather with soft touch coating and colored edging that provides a remarkable 360º design that stands out from other notebooks. 

Beyond the premium craftsmanship, the notebook uses a unique page design; optimized for capturing notes using the free companion THINKERS App for iOS (Android version coming soon), that does not require a QR code or special symbols on the page.

At the top of each page is an area for writing page titles and tags. Users simply take a photo of each page and using machine learning technology, the app automatically detects handwriting on the pages and converts written titles and tags into organized notes within the app.

Beyond handwriting recognition, the app also includes an advanced web-based collaboration system for sharing ideas with others on the web along with built-in cloud storage capabilities and a unique location feature for finding notes on a map.

“Most smart notebooks require a QR code or a special pen,” says Daniel Reiling, co-founder and lead iOS developer. He adds, “By building our own machine learning algorithm, we are able to automatically detect pages from our notebook and convert handwriting into titles, tags and searchable text without having to add anything to the page or require you to use a special pen.”

As a bonus feature, the THINKERS Notebook includes a special access code to the THINKERS Workshop. Normally $99.99 per year, this special access code allows any notebook customer to join the Workshop for free. The THINKER Workshop includes a wide variety of tools, presentations and insights to help individuals learn the most effective techniques to maximize the results of their own thinking. 

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The THINKERS Notebook, developed by Dallas-based THINKERS Manifesto LLC, is the culmination of two years of research and prototyping led by Sean Jackson, Jerod Morris, and Daniel Reiling. And while the goal of building a better notebook for thinkers is what launched the company, a desire to help more people become better thinkers is what drives it.  For more information, visit 

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