Tetra HGS and STAR Systems International Deploy Hundreds of Cognitive Readers In Turkey’s Free Flow Tolling System

HONG KONG, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tetra HGS, a world-leading Vehicle Identification and Electronic Toll Collection Solutions Company and STAR Systems International Limited, a world leader in Smart City Products and Services, announced today they have successfully deployed hundreds of new Cognitive Tolling Readers in Turkey’s countrywide open-road tolling system.

Tetra has installed STAR Systems International Limited’s Titan Readers throughout Turkey’s highway and bridge systems.  STAR’s Titan, with its next generation Cognitive-Reader features, provides increased performance and efficiencies in the execution of high-speed tolling transactions.  These new readers are designed to automatically tune for optimal performance in any environment.  These features assure that the operator has the stability and accuracy required to keep traffic flowing safely at optimal speed while increasing operational efficiencies for all.   Most importantly, these new readers elevate the toll operator’s ability to provide greater service and safety at lower costs to their customers. 

STAR Systems provided the Titan readers to Tetra though their long-time Partner Litum Technologies, also based in Turkey.  STAR Systems and Litum Technologies have worked directly together to bring this project to deployment with Tetra since the project commencement.

“STAR Systems International’s new Titan Reader was exactly the right product to help Turkey grow its network of open-road tolling systems,” said Kamil Alpaydın, CEO of Tetra HGS. “Titan has allowed us to confidently improve our tolling systems through Turkey’s road and bridge systems.”

“Working with world-class companies such as Tetra and Litum, and installing Titan Readers for open-road tolling needs has been a great experience,” said Julie Cooper, STAR Systems International’s Senior Manager of Strategic Relationships.  “Tetra has a very sophisticated and efficient system which benefits from Titan’s special features. This project has shown to be very successful in improving system performance. STAR Systems International is dedicated to providing innovative products to our partners and to ensure customer success.”

About Tetra HGS 
Tetra HGS, as the leading electronic toll collection company in Turkey, we offer solutions that fit best  to  our  partners in the ETC field. The solutions meet all requirements related to Tollgate, Integration, Single/Multi-Lane Free Flow, Speed Enforcement, AVC & OCR, Car Park and Congestion Charging.

Constantly rising traffic requires crucial action to build a system of high-tech roads. Our Single/Multi-Lane free flow tolling solutions generate revenue with high Return on Investment (ROI) that covers capital and operating expenditures while ensuring fast and efficient flow of traffic.

Our in house design lane controller systems work flawlessly with worldwide known operating systems and databases. We have already proven ourselves by going far beyond expectations for our partners and we continue development.

About STAR Systems International 
Founded in 2013, STAR Systems International™ (SSI) is a world leader in Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies.  SSI focuses on providing best-in-class transponders, readers and professional consulting services for Smart City Initiatives, including Electronic Tolling (ETC), Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR), Fleet Management, Parking and Secure Access Control applications.

SSI is guided by three principles: Outstanding People, Innovative Products and Service Excellence. These principles reflect the Company’s long-term expansive strategy to advance Smart City Technologies. SSI strives to ensure customer success by leveraging the Company’s technical expertise and implementation experience.  “Your Success Is Our Vision”. 

For more information, please visit www.star-int.net  

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