speedtechs mi-inta Offers Fresh Approach to Parental Monitoring of Internet Activity

MELBOURNE, Australia, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — speedtechs announced today its new product mi-inta, which records all devices, usage times and websites visited on the home Internet connection and more. With mi-inta, parents no longer have to physically check their children’s devices. Already fully developed, a Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for early 2023 to springboard mi-inta into volume production, protected by a 90-day money back guarantee. mi-inta comes in two models; 100M ($49) and 1G ($99).

Pew Research studies show 61% of parents monitor, rather than control, their teen’s internet activity. Amongst them was Jonathan Shutt, the architect behind mi-inta, who having spent two decades in the ISP industry, understood the challenges; ensuring the capture of all devices meant monitoring the home’s Internet activity, which was expensive and complex, and the problems didn’t end there.

“My experiences with parental controls only created conflict with the kids and served to reduce the dialogue around online usage. Initial forays into monitoring produced huge volumes of unintelligible technical stats. The challenge was not only to collect and consolidate the activity data, but to present it in a way that anyone can understand, at a glance. And the solution had to be affordable” said Jonathan Shutt, speedtechs director.

Once plugged into a spare port on the WiFi router, mi-inta’s companion app allows users to see:

  • All devices, including phones, computers, consoles and smart home devices, wired or WiFi.
  • History of when each device joins or leaves the network.
  • Interactive chart showing level of activity over the past 24 hours.
  • Devices contributing to the selected activity.
  • Websites visited by each active device.

And there’s even good news for the kids, as mi-inta can also identify problems affecting gaming! As a general Internet monitoring and fault-finding tool, it allows the immediate identification of devices (and web addresses) responsible for periods of high usage – a common cause of poor performance, particularly time-critical apps such as online games.

For the security-conscious, mi-inta’s interactive chart allows identification of suspicious activity at unusual times. The level of activity on the Internet connection over the past 24 hours is displayed as either speed or data. Users tap on the chart to reveal the devices and associated Internet activity contributing to the traffic of interest in descending order (i.e., largest contributor first).

Independent reviewers agree about mi-inta’s ease of use; “mi-inta gives you all this information in an easy-to-read format without needing to be a tech whiz” said Julie Strietelmeier, owner of the-gadgeteer.com.

Mi-inta is available in two models; 100M suitable for most users or 1G for those with high-speed connections.

For more information on mi-inta, or to join the campaign, visit www.speedtechs.net.  Alternatively, visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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