Speedtechs mi-inta Illuminates Online Activity in the Home and Office

MELBOURNE, Australia, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Home and small business owners will soon be able to shine a light on their Internet activity and better diagnose problems without having to be a tech wizard*. Speedtechs mi-inta reveals all devices, websites visited, WiFi hogs and more. Already fully developed, a Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for early 2023 to springboard mi-inta into volume production, protected by a 90-day money back guarantee. mi-inta comes in two models; 100M ($49) suitable for most users, and 1G ($99) for those with high speed connections.

30% of users continue to experience Internet problems, with over-utilization the most common cause, according to the Speedtechs founders, having consistently observed this phenomenon during their 18 years in the ISP industry.

“Complaints of poor performance were usually the result of a maxed-out Internet connection rather than a fault with the Internet itself. Once users realised the impact that other devices on the same WiFi could have, the issue could be easily remedied by identifying those responsible and the associated Internet activity. Unfortunately, most users are still in the dark; while solutions to reveal this information exist, they are often prohibitively complex and come with a steep learning curve,” said Calum Anderstrem, Speedtechs founder.

Designed to overcome this complexity, mi-inta plugs into a spare port on the home or office router. Using only basic Internet terms such as web address, speed (Megabits per second) and data (Megabytes), the companion app allows users to see:

  • All devices, including phones, computers, consoles and smart home devices, wired or WiFi.
  • History of when each device joins or leaves the network.
  • Interactive chart showing level of activity over the past 24 hours.
  • Devices contributing to the selected activity & their level of contribution, continually updated in real time.
  • Websites visited by each active device & their level of contribution.

This allows users to quickly spot:

  • Unfamiliar devices connected to the WiFi & what they’re doing.
  • The high activity of some devices (and websites) impacting time-critical applications (remote access to the office, Whatsapp and other phone calls over WiFi, Zoom other video conferencing apps, online gaming, etc) through over-utilization.
  • Suspicious activity at unusual times.
  • Drop in total available speed (prompting check of WiFi, Internet connection, cabling, rebooting etc).

*Independent reviewers agree about mi-inta’s ease of use; “mi-inta gives you all this information in an easy-to-read format without needing to be a tech whiz,” said Julie Strietelmeier, owner of the-gadgeteer.com.

For more information on mi-inta, or to join the campaign, visit www.speedtechs.net. Alternatively, visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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