Sonobo Announces Most Advanced True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earphones Available

LONDON, Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With dozens of wireless earphones on the market, it may be hard to determine what is truly the best. To finally put an answer to that question, Sonobo today announced that it is releasing the Sonobo line-up of Earphones, the most advanced True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphones available. By delivering best-in-class sound quality combined with the safest listening experience, Sonobo is setting the bar for the entire wireless earphone industry.

Sonobo produces breathtaking audiophile sound with next generation full-range precision speakers carefully tuned by recording engineers, available in One, Pro and Elite models. Available now on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding campaign, managed by The LaunchPad Agency, features early-bird specials starting at $99. The Kickstarter campaign can be seen at

Key Features of all Sonobo models include:

  • Full range dynamic speakers carefully tuned to preserve the integrity of the original sound, be it a vocalist, guitar or drum, providing an unmatched level of sound quality
  • HD Voice using optimized/super-sensitive microphones with extended range, lower total harmonic distortion and extended sound pressure level (THD-SPL) characteristics
  • Active Noise Cancellation uses a feedforward microphone dedicated to listening to all sounds around the user and noise cancels them using the traditional method combined with Sonobo’s Selective Noise Cancelling, allowing listeners to eliminate, reduce or boost any sound in their environment until they create a comfortable listening zone
  • Voice UI control with an always on "Wake word" (on the Pro and Elite Models) activated digital assistants to support all voice assistants, for true ‘no hands’ performance.

"Consumers are often confused about what they actually need or want in their wireless earphones and the new Sonobo One takes out all the guesswork by delivering the best listening experience available while remaining as true to the original sound as possible," said Alex Georgiou, Co-Founder of Sonobo. "With an unprecedented level of technology and features, Sonobo One is sure to be the earphone of choice for consumers, whether they are listening to music or podcasts, using it for meetings or cancelling out the noises that they don’t want to hear. The future of earphones starts today with Sonobo One!"

Sonobo Smartcase

Sonobo customers can also take advantage of the product’s innovative SmartCase (optional purchase with Sonobo One and comes standard with Pro and Elite models). The Sonobo SmartCase is loaded with innovative audio features and four built-in HD microphones that allow targeted sound enhancement and noise cancellation, enabling users to control what they want to hear. In addition, with Remote Noise Cancelling, users can place their SmartCase near any source of noise and make it disappear (i.e. fan, engine, noise coming from a window or door, etc.).

The SmartCase battery has a capacity of 3650mAh with over 500 hours of on the go charge. Users can charge the Sonobo One earphones over 90 times from one fully charged case and each charge lasts between 6-9 hours depending on use. The Smartcase lid is a wireless charging mat for Qi compatible devices including watches and mobile devices.

Safe Listening Technology

Sonobo’s Safe Listening Time Management System (SLTMS) provides the safest listening experience possible by calibrating the earphones to the users; ears to determine sensitivity and then monitors the sonic energy being absorbed to help protect their hearing.

SLTMS minimizes exposure to harsh frequencies, as this revolutionary new technology screens the music, screens the listener’s ears and then adjusts the recommended listening time in accordance to their ears’ unique sensitivity levels. The system is calibrated to the ears by running a simple 60 second test when using Sonobo earphones for the first time to and monitors the energy (as opposed to sound level) being absorbed by the ears and calculates the remaining safe listening time as a running total which is sent as a text or alert on their user’s devices. It can also generate reports and logs that can be emailed or accessed via a secure app to create an accurate listening record.


Sonobo One’s GunSonics protection is the safest way to shoot by offering the only electronic hearing protection circuit that blocks 100% of gunshot blasts and other loud noises. Users can wear their passive over-ear protectors over Sonobo to enjoy the highest level of double hearing protection and, unlike previous double protection methods, the wearer can hear everything around them enhanced, from the release of a clay pigeon to the breaking of a twig, while loud gunshots are heard at below talking level.

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About Sonobo

Sonobo is a dedicated international team of recording engineers, designers, musicians and music professionals based in the US, UK, and Italy. We hear the world differently.

Sonobo has three core values, all represented in our exciting new range of earphones: Extraordinary Audio Quality, Genuine Meaningful Innovation, and last but certainly not least, Intelligent Hearing Preservation. More information is available at: Sonobo Premium Audio Earphones

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