Silicontent and yieldWerx Announce Collaboration

PLANO, Texas, April 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — yieldWerx continues to partner with leading global semiconductor companies, and has partnered with Silicontent to bring improvements in yield management and quality.

“Silicontent struggled with loading their legacy data for their data analysis as they also transitioned from CSV to STDF. yieldWerx partnered with Silicontent to develop the parser for them to be able to keep all their critically important data stored and readily available for analysis. We also helped them establish good data management practices while they transition to the Standard Test Data Format (STDF),” said Aftkhar Aslam, CEO of yieldWerx.

yieldWerx is a leading innovator in semiconductor test data analytics. It’s advanced data analysis capabilities, and real-time alert systems for improved decision-making, empower semiconductor companies to focus on innovation, while ensuring product quality. yieldWerx solutions enable clients in identifying yield limiters, facilitating manufacturing process enhancements, resulting in increased yields.

“yieldWerx provides efficient data processing services for production, which can effectively process data from dozens lots; The interface of the software has rich functions and can generate charts according to requirements, providing basis for data analysis. At the same time, the upload rules are flexible and variable, supporting custom fields to reduce workload,” said Steven Wang.

About yieldWerx:
yieldWerx offers an end-to-end yield management software platform for semiconductor companies. Adaptable to each customer’s unique needs, the yieldWerx Enterprise platform is proven to address complex yield management issues for fabless semiconductor manufacturers, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and outsourced test and assembly (OSAT) companies. yieldWerx offers advanced data analysis capabilities and real-time alert systems for improved decision-making and equipment uptime. yieldWerx’s expertise in identifying yield limiters facilitates manufacturing process enhancements, resulting in increased yields. Through predictive analysis and user-friendly design, yieldWerx assists businesses in cost reduction, efficient resource allocation, and sustainability through waste reduction.

About Silicon Content:
Silicon Content Technology is led by a seasoned team from top semiconductor companies. SCT focuses on power IC which are widely used in consumer, industry and automotive, and provides a competitive catalog of power management chips and standard products for specific applications. SCT continues to build a leading position in the core technology of medium and high-voltage power management power conversion and control, and provides commercially competitive power management chip catalog products and standard products for specific applications.

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