Shark Tank Investment Winner Exhibiting at NAMM 2022

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time since being founded in 2014, Los Angeles-based BenjiLock will debut its range of highly secure and convenient TSA-approved locks at NAMM. Designed with musicians in mind, these locks give you peace of mind, knowing your kit is safe and secure when you’re on the road or it’s not in use.

Founder and entrepreneur, Robbie Cabral is incredibly excited to be heading to NAMM. "I’m a musician – music is in my blood. It will be incredible to see the industry’s reaction to BenjiLock – we think it’s the perfect fit. We’re passionate about music and appreciate the lengths musicians go to to keep their kit safe and protected. Carrying your career and life in suitcases, cases, and rucksacks can be stressful – BenjiLock exists to remove that stress."

When on the road, musicians carry a lot of equipment, guitars, mics, headphones, accessories, clothes, and much more. With their lifestyle and career kept in cases, it’s crucial that they have a highly secure lock. These TSA-approved locks boast a fingerprint unlocking mechanism that stores multiple fingerprints, meaning musicians, managers, and tour staff will all be able to open kit cases.

What makes BenjiLock stand out from the crowd is the different-sized locks available. For a rucksack or small case carrying low-value items, you can opt for the lightweight lock option. On the other hand, bags that travel unsupervised would benefit from the more heavy-duty 43mm lock.

It’s not just equipment and cases that BenjiLock keeps safe. Their range of technology-packed door locks is perfect for studios, garages, storage units, sheds, and extra-larg compartments. Packing a fingerprint, digital keypad, and traditional key lock, you can up your level of security while making doors easier for you to use.

When Cabral took BenjiLock to Shark Tank, he impressed Kevin O’Leary and landed a 15% investment on the spot. From there, BenjiLock’s potential catapulted, and they secured a licensing partnership with Hampton Products International, a leading security and hardware innovations provider that masterminded BRINKS locks.

Cabral and O’Leary’s shared passion for music drove them to the realization that NAMM was the perfect place to introduce BenjiLock to the industry properly. BenjiLock continues to go from strength to strength, and its focus on targeting the music industry buys into the business’s core values – these guys have a lived perspective of what musicians need.

To learn more about BenjiLock, meet the team behind the products, and see these incredible locks in action, head over to Hall C, Booth 6813 at NAMM. This year’s event is being held from June 3rd to 5th at the Anaheim Convention Center. Alternatively, visit

About BenjiLock

Based in Los Angeles, California, and founded in 2014 by inventor and entrepreneur Robbie Cabral, BenjiLock has redefined the personal security experience through hybrid technology with the consumer in mind. Featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Robbie Cabral landed Kevin O’Leary as an investor with a 15% equity stake in the company, catapulting BenjiLock’s potential and success by securing a licensing partnership with Hampton Products International, the leader in security and hardware innovations and makers of BRINKS locks. Through this strategic partnership, BenjiLock was able to utilize the 30+ years of experience of Hampton Products International to further its production and manufacturing, escalating the brand to unprecedented levels. Today, BenjiLock’s fingerprint technology is expanding into a portfolio of products, including an upcoming line of bike locks, next-generation of padlocks, drawer closets, and cabinet locks, as well as a brand-new line of smart home door locks.

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