Say Goodbye to State Lottery Ticket Scanners to Scan Those Multimillion-Dollar Lottery Tickets: Lottery Current’s New AI-Powered App Sparks Digital Revolution in Lottery Ticket Management

‘Advanced technology meets luck – we’re happy to announce a new era of lottery convenience beginning with the launch of this new APP…’

NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A.I. startup, Lottery Current, announced it was transforming the way lottery players approach scanning lottery tickets and keeping track of expenses and winnings with the launch of its new app. This user friendly and powerful APP uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to scan all U.S. lottery tickets and games, providing accurate results to report official winning numbers in seconds, along with providing a host of other useful lottery tools and information – all with one app.

“Lottery Current aims to alleviate the common challenges lottery players face with state ticket scanners,” said CEO Alex Burton. “Keeping track of numbers and games is paramount of course, but we go several steps deeper: with an expense tracker for lottery players to keep track of winnings, scan multiple lines of tickets, tax calculator and a random number generator so lottery players can create quick picks, get national and state lotteries result right to your phone. Our app offers convenience, accuracy, and the specific tools that players need to make the most of their lottery experience.”

With Lottery Current, users not only get access to accurate results, but they can also track their lottery winnings, receive lottery result notifications, access helpful information and tips, and so much more. The app’s unique number generator assists players in picking random numbers to use for favorite popular games, including Powerball, Mega Millions, Win 4, Lotto America, Cash4Life, Lucky4life, and other U.S. lottery games.

“We’ve streamlined the playing field for lottery enthusiasts,” to track and scan tickets accurately whenever you go. We spent a lot of time building the right logic to give the most accurate results. “The app is not just about providing lottery results or keeping track – it’s also about giving users the best chance to see if they are a lucky winner in the most convenient way possible. It saves you time so you can have more fun.”

Lottery Current also features captivating Winner Stories from those who have scored big in various national and state lotteries: Real life winners who share the excitement of how they did it and what they plan to do with their winnings. The site also includes Lottery News stories from across the U.S. and a regularly updated blog with tips and tricks for playing the lottery, selecting numbers, and other insightful lottery related information.

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Founded by avid lottery players and digital marketers, Lottery Current is a leading provider of lottery-related services. Using cutting-edge AI technology, Lottery Current offers ways to enhance and simplify the lottery ticket scanning experience, including accurate scanning for official results for all U.S. lotteries, expense and winning tracking, notifications, and a randomized number generator. Lottery Current helps players make the most of their lottery endeavors with efficiency, convenience, accuracy and a dash of excitement. Explore your new lottery partner at:

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