Rosebud Communications Lands Lumotive: Becomes Semiconductor Company’s Global Agency of Record

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Rosebud Communications, the fast-growing B2B PR and marketing agency for visionary tech firms, has marked another significant milestone by becoming the global agency of record for Lumotive, a semiconductor innovator disrupting the global 3D sensing market. This new client acquisition further cements Rosebud as the go-to choice for high-growth tech companies navigating the complexities of Series B and Series C funding.

Leading a lidar revolution

Lumotive’s groundbreaking Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) technology marks a radical shift in lidar with the first commercially viable solid-state beam steering solution. Unlike traditional mechanical beam steering, prone to inaccuracies due to the presence of moving parts, Lumotive’s dynamic optical metasurfaces achieve unparalleled control over light manipulation for heightened precision. Moreover, the company’s durable, cost-effective LCMs are compact and highly adaptable, enabling seamless integration across diverse lidar applications. This revolutionary technology promises to transform 3D sensing through enhanced performance, modularity, and reliability.

Lumotive’s breakthrough success is backed by an impressive roster of major investors, including Gates Frontier, MetaVC Partners, Quan Funds, Samsung Ventures, and Uniquest. To date, the company has raised over $50M in venture capital.

Rosebud validates position with top innovators

Kevin Camera, VP of Product at Lumotive, expressed his excitement about the partnership. “From the get-go, Rosebud exceeded our expectations. Their ability to convey the complexity of our technology in a way that resonates with both tech journalists and business execs is unparalleled.”

“Securing Lumotive as a client reinforces Rosebud’s commitment to aligning with trailblazing companies that are backed by blue-chip investors,” said David B. Wamsley, founder and CEO of Rosebud Communications. “Lumotive’s influence on the global 3D sensor market is in perfect sync with our goal to work with tier-one tech companies that are market leaders in their respective spaces. We look forward to spotlighting Lumotive’s transformative contributions to the industry.”

As Rosebud approaches its 9th anniversary, the firm is enjoying its expanding influence with market-leading clients across North America, France, Germany, Israel and Singapore.

About Rosebud Communications

Rosebud Communications is a B2B tech PR and marketing agency, known for delivering high-impact public relations services to Series B stage and Series C stage VC-backed tech companies. Our clients have collectively raised over $3 billion in funding.

Our sister service, BylineBuddy, is designed for executives rich in ideas but short on time. BylineBuddy’s end-to-end solution streamlines the entire process of thought leadership, from concept to publication. Our clients’ bylines have been featured in over 45% of the top U.S. media outlets, with hundreds of placements including Bloomberg, VentureBeat, the Chicago Tribune and U.S. News & World Report.

About Lumotive

Lumotive’s award-winning optical semiconductor solutions enable advanced sensing and perception capabilities in next-generation consumer, mobility, and industrial automation products such as mobile devices, autonomous vehicles, and robots. The company’s patented Light Control Metasurface (LCM™) beam steering chips deliver an unparalleled combination of high performance, exceptional reliability, and low cost — all in a tiny, easily integrated solution. Lumotive has received measurable industry acclaim including Fierce Electronics’ 2021 Startup of the Year award, CES Innovation Awards in 2022 and 2024, Fast Company’s Next Big Thing in Tech 2023, a 2022 SPIE PRISM Award, and a prestigious Edison Award. Investors include Gates Frontier, MetaVC Partners, Quan Funds, Samsung Ventures, and Uniquest.

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