Remote.It introduces ScreenView: Seamless Remote Connectivity to Mobile Devices

White label solution for IoT and device manufacturers brings remote screen sharing to Android-based devices, supports public and private remote access

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Remote.It, a leading SaaS-based network management service, today announced the release of ScreenView, its white labeled solution for remote screen sharing. ScreenView brings unparalleled remote access and visibility to IT professionals and IoT/device manufacturers. With ScreenView, support teams have the ability to view and control Android devices from any browser (any PC or mobile device). In addition to effortless connectivity and security, IoT and device manufacturers add their own branding to ScreenView for the ability to make available to their own customers, generating additional revenue streams.

ScreenView caters to the evolving needs of businesses in today’s dynamic work environment, providing the ability to connect remotely to any Android device from any browser interface. With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices in the workplace, ScreenView ensures that teams can effortlessly use an external display, share their screens, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate in real-time, regardless of their physical location. The white label product is suited for a custom branding for the benefit of reselling service, or can be embedded in existing solutions.

“Mobile technologies are fundamentally networked, but legacy networking approaches and technologies require ongoing management and maintenance to enable connectivity; with our connectivity as code technology, we’ve reinvented remote desktop and support for Android devices,” said Ryo Koyama, CEO of Remote.It. “Remote.It Screen View works just like the internet, point your browser at your Android device and connect, no app to download, no IP addresses to configure, secure and private through code, the way it should be.”

Key features of ScreenView:

  • Browser-Based Interaction: Connect to any Android device from a browser without additional remote viewing software.
  • Multiple Concurrent Connections: Supports multiple users connecting at the same time.
  • Remote Control & Keyboard Access: Go beyond viewing—fully control your device remotely, including keyboard input.
  • Comprehensive Access Management: Choose to grant viewing or complete control, with real-time visibility on connections.
  • Robust Security Framework: Leveraging Remote.It’s Zero Trust Network Access, ScreenView ensures granular access control and least privileged user access.

As businesses continue to embrace innovative remote solutions, ScreenView emerges as a valuable tool to bridge the gap between teams, providing a seamless and secure remote screen sharing interface for a variety of industries, including:

  • At-Home Medical Equipment and Monitoring: ScreenView ensures secure and real-time collaboration for healthcare professionals, enabling remote access to medical devices and monitoring equipment.
  • On-Site Construction Equipment: Construction teams can enhance communication and troubleshooting by remotely sharing screens of on-site equipment, improving project efficiency.
  • Point of Sale or Customer Kiosks: Whether it’s ticketing, parking, electronic vehicle charging, or restaurant and hospitality reservations/check-in, ScreenView provides a versatile solution for businesses in the customer service sector.
  • Transportation/Logistics Devices: Logistics companies can leverage ScreenView to remotely access and troubleshoot devices critical to their operations.
  • Agricultural Sensors: Farmers and agricultural businesses can benefit from ScreenView by remotely monitoring and troubleshooting agricultural sensors, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Energy/Water: Industries dealing with critical resources such as energy and water can benefit from ScreenView’s real-time screen sharing to address issues promptly and ensure continuous operations.
  • Critical Infrastructure Equipment: ScreenView offers a secure and efficient way for businesses in critical infrastructure sectors to manage and collaborate on remote equipment, enhancing overall reliability.

ScreenView is now available for businesses looking to elevate their remote capabilities. During the launch promotion, ScreenView is available for unlimited usage per a customer’s device and user limits. The ScreenView app is available to download for Android in the Google Play Store. Remote.It is also offering a new Fleet pricing option for companies that are device based and require few user licenses for at least 100 devices. To learn more about ScreenView, pricing, and to view a demo, visit Remote.It.

About Remote.It

Remote.It was founded by networking experts who previously invented and implemented the first hardware TCP/IP stack in silicon logic (acquired by NVIDIA). Leveraging their deep knowledge of the network stack, they invented core technology that enables direct access to any specific service anywhere, while eliminating the need for any of the vulnerabilities associated with the open ports typically associated with remote access. The company has been granted seven patents on its core technology. We believe in securely connecting everything by enabling users to build private networks within the internet that only they can see. We provide zero trust IT/OT networking as a service. Remote.It is available via free download, to learn more visit

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