Parks Associates: Only 19% of US Broadband Households are Aware of Energy Monitoring and Management Products Offered by Their Electricity Provider

DALLAS, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Parks Associates will highlight its latest smart energy research, Smart, Clean, Connected: The Future of Home Energy Management, at its upcoming Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer virtual session "Partnerships and Tech Advancements" on October 27, 11 am CT. The session, featuring Anna Demeo, President, Savant Power, and Ansul Rajgharia, Director, Connected Products and Surge, Home & Distribution Division, NA Operations, Schneider Electric, focuses on the role of smart home solutions and tech innovations to grow familiarity with energy-saving and load-control services through connected devices and renewable energy resources.

Smart, Clean, Connected: The Future of Home Energy Management, which includes a survey of 5,000 US broadband households, reports 19% of broadband households are aware a service from their electricity provider offering energy monitoring and management products. Only 17% are familiar with load control problems. Overall, 50% of households are aware of one of the surveyed utility services.

The ninth annual Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer, sponsored by Bidgely, Grid4C, Austin Energy, dcbel, FLO, American Water Homeowner Services, and Very, examines the expanding market for the smart home in the residential energy ecosystem.

"Consumers have never been more aware of grid instability and the numerous ways it can impact their families," said Anna Demeo, President, Savant Power. "Savant Power’s inCharge energy management and microgrid solutions enable homeowners to monitor and optimize their daily efficiency, reduce costs, and lessen their dependence on the grid through the seamless integration of alternative energy sources. Intelligent energy management is a vital component of the modern smart home ecosystem."

"Solving energy problems will accelerate with end-to-end grid-to-plug solutions that will address both demand and supply sides of the energy equation," said Ansul Rajgharia, Director, Connected Products & Surge, Home & Distribution Division, North America Operations, Schneider Electric.

An interactive panel follows:

  • Stephen Douglas, Head of Market Strategy, Spirent Communications
  • Brett Lasher, Executive Director, New Growth & Development, Cox Communications
  • Peter Mathews, GM, North America, SolarEdge
  • Wannie Park, CEO, Zen Ecosystems
  • Mike Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder, Sense
  • Courtney Thier, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Elevation Home Energy Solutions

"An in-home environmental revolution could be enabled through the application of 5G and AI to unlock the data and insights generated by our appliances and efficiently coordinate this with the supply chain," said Stephen Douglas, Head of Market Strategy, Spirent Communications.

"Parks Associates’ research points to new opportunities as homes have intelligence built into them," said Mike Phillips, CEO, Sense. "The key is engaging consumers with smart home apps that become part of their lives and are able to help them manage energy and automatically shift loads to better match the dynamic conditions of the home’s energy sources."

"I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Smart Energy Summit and provide our perspective on how commercial entities are using innovative ways to address sustainability," said Wannie Park, CEO, Zen Ecosystems. "These new business models position internal ‘RPS’ and Sustainability as topline KPIs, giving companies like ours a way to develop solutions that deliver positive environmental impact."

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About Smart Energy Summit 
Smart Energy Summit addresses the evolution of the consumer utility market, the impact of COVID-19 on energy management programs, and new opportunities to drive engagement in utility-sponsored programs.

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