Packetcraft Enables Accelerated Deployment of Bluetooth LE Audio as Market Heats Up

Experience Packetcraft’s LE Audio CES Demonstrations with Sonical, EMSi and Fanstel 

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Packetcraft®, a global leader in Bluetooth® embedded stacks and software solutions with more than 100M enabled devices, is showcasing Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast™ broadcast audio this week at CES on the show floor and in private suites. 

Some demonstrations being shown include: 

  • Sonical’s Bluetooth LE Audio Headphone 3.0 ‘apps for your ears’ wireless audio processing demo consisting of Packetcraft’s LE Audio software suite and Nordic’s nRF5340 SoC 
  • Premier debut of EMSi’s LE Audio form-factor wireless microphone solution, leveraging Packetcraft’s Bluetooth Qualified software on an embedded Fanstel module utilizing Nordic’s nRF5340 SoC 

Bluetooth LE Audio is the next generation of wireless audio offering enhanced performance with low-latency high-quality sound, improved reliability, and extended battery life. LE Isochronous Channels deliver revolutionary capabilities including Multi-Stream Audio and Auracast™ Broadcast Audio with the mandatory LC3 codec compressing audio more efficiently and dynamically.

“Sonical is collaborating with Packetcraft in support of Headphone 3.0 which brings a richer user experience to our ears, with headphones containing apps and software driven innovation,” said Gary Spittle, CEO at Sonical. 

LE Audio changes how we use and share audio, from listening to audio from a shared device to going into a public venue and enjoying high-quality audio streams. Further, LE Audio helps usher in a new era of accessible audio for anyone coping with hearing impairment or just listening in a noisy environment. 

“LE Audio enabled products are becoming available and by utilizing Packetcraft’s Bluetooth Qualified LE Audio solutions, we are debuting at CES the industry’s first LE Audio wireless microphone,” said John Tepley, CEO at EMSi. 

Packetcraft’s collaborations with semiconductor and product companies helps accelerate product introductions based on the latest Bluetooth 5.3 specifications. Offering access to full source code with direct support and maintenance and leveraging software optimizations, first-to-market qualifications, and design efficiencies, Packetcraft’s licensable Bluetooth portfolio includes Host Stack supporting LE Audio, Controller with BLE Link Layer and optional 802.15.4 MAC for UWB, optimized LC3 audio codec, and LE Test Tools.

“The dedicated team at Packetcraft continues to deliver high-performing quality Bluetooth LE software solutions, which our customers have come to expect,” shared John Yi, CEO at Packetcraft. “As the market for LE Audio accelerates, Packetcraft is rapidly enabling our customers with Bluetooth Qualified LE Audio solutions supporting their commercial product debuts in the months ahead.” 

“LE Audio is quickly entering the market with the debut of flagship mobile devices which makes now the time for product companies to enable LE Audio in earbuds, headphones, hearing aids, microphones, speakers and broadcast infrastructure,” said Dr. Yuan Fan, President at Fanstel.

Customers may
[] Packetcraft to arrange a meeting and experience LE Audio in both public and private CES demos. You may also see LE Audio in Fanstel‘s booth located at The Venetian (Sands) Convention Expo Center in Stand # 54707. 

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