New Kickstarter Campaign of Unihertz – TickTock, a 5G Rugged Phone with Unique Dual-Screen

SHANGHAI, Dec. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Unihertz launched its second Kickstarter campaign of the year, TickTock, a unique 5G rugged smartphone featuring its dual-screen design. The campaign raised over US$13,000 in the first 12 hours of launch, and is currently in full swing: 

The company may be one of the few brands remain that continues to innovate and bring new smartphone ideas that inspire the industry.  From 3-inch small smartphones to classic QWERTY phones, Unihertz has accomplished six Kickstarter campaigns that were supported by over 40,000 backers around the world. The company has proven that there are people who feel excited to make changes and inspired us to stay unique as we are, in a world dominated by mainstream regularities.

Every passionate outdoor adventurer can use a tough smartphone. We want a phone that doesn’t break easily while dropped or even accidentally splashed. TickTock has the standard ruggedness we require, with a 5G high-speed internet connection and powerful Android 11 that undoubtedly will be a large upgrade compared to the previous Unihertz phones. But it can serve better than that. So far, we are allowed to handle small tasks on the device such as receiving phone calls, reading text messages, listening to music, and taking selfies with the secondary screen. It is worth noticing that the sub-screen is customizable – you can literally carry a phone with your personalized logo and change it easily, anytime you want.

It seems that Unihertz doesn’t only want to be unique itself, it also wishes to let its users decide and demonstrate what’s special for them. "TickTock is something different from our past products which were created to be small like the Jelly or QWERTY like the Titan Pocket," said Stephen, Founder & CEO of Unihertz, "it is our first try on 5G and dual-screen. We expect to update more functions to its sub-screen in the future and turn it into a handy, personalized rugged device."

Other than that, TickTock has kept all the popular features that its backers love, including the infrared port, dual-SIM card tray, precise navigation system, etc., and even with two customizable shortcut keys. For people who spend more time in nature, it is interesting to know that the phone will come with a 6,000mAh large battery and 30W fast charging that makes your trip outside worry-free.

TickTock is available on Kickstarter for early adopters and adventure seekers. To learn more about it, visit: 

Claire Chen

SOURCE Shanghai Unihertz E-Commerce Ltd.