New Dating App, Lease My Love, Promises More Serious Candidates and Possibility for Long-Term Commitments via Vigorous Guidelines and Accountability Measures

Lease My Love is creating a community of people that value and respect each other’s time, energy, and money by offering unique features such as scheduled dates and dating credits.

CLEVELAND, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Having launched a revolutionary new dating application in September 2023, Lease My Love aims to address the common frustrations candidates experience when looking for a potential life partner online while also providing a safe space that encourages transparency.

Changing the landscape and the mindset of online dating and creating a more conventional feel, Founder Trevor Ngalla is focused on combating the issues of unserious and ill-intended individuals, eliminating likes, swipes, and other distractions typical of dating sites, and motivating them to get off the couch and into the dating scene. Ngalla has also developed strategies to help prevent ghosting and choice overload to help foster more meaningful connections.

“Our goal at Lease My Love is to establish a fun, safe, and user-friendly app that offers fewer distractions for those serious about developing real relationships,” explains Ngalla. “What makes our platform unique is that users are more intentional in their searches, guaranteeing more serious-minded, consistent candidates.”

Emphasizing the importance of valuing and respecting one another’s time, energy, and money, Lease My Love has implemented various helpful tools to ensure accountability. Users must schedule their dates in advance and adhere to a two-week commitment period from the initial date of acceptance. They are also required to complete the “Rate Your Date” portion of the date online within 24 hours of the date ending. Adding to the app’s credibility, the proprietary platform offers “Date Credits” that essentially serve as insurance so that both parties follow through on their scheduled dates. They can also be tallied up and redeemed as gift cards.

The Lease My Love app has also employed various safety protocols to eliminate catfishing and ensure in-person dates go as planned. Both parties must upload a short, in-app video at their agreed-upon public meet-up location on the day of the date.

With more than 10,000 subscribers waiting to get started, Ngalla’s start-up is already receiving positive feedback. The dating app’s preliminary launch will appear on the Apple iOS operating system this fall in New York. It will eventually become available on Android devices and be unveiled in other major cities nationwide. After the initial kick-off, Ngalla will also offer an incentive by giving away date credits for two free dates to the first 2,000 new subscribers.

About Lease My Love:

Born out of the endless frustrations of traditional dating sites, Lease My Love was designed to add value to people’s lives. Based in Cleveland, the team comprises client-focused experts driven by providing a safe and respectable online environment that pushes boundaries and helps weed out those not serious about establishing lasting relationships.

Media Contact:

Trevor Ngalla, Founder
(216) 304-2022 / (216) 304-2041

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