LinearFlux Debuts HyperSonic™ 360 Headphones: World’s Only Magnetic True Wireless Hyper Definition Headphone with 360 Hours of Playtime – Just in Time for the Holidays

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LinearFlux, the innovative mobile accessories company committed to creating products that exceed consumer expectations, is proud to offer holiday shoppers a game-changing new headphone, the HyperSonic™ 360: the world’s only 10-in-1 Magnetic, Hyper Definition True Wireless Headphone System (SRP: $139.00) featuring 360+ hours of playtime. Its unique design and best in class performance distinguish the Hypersonic 360 Headphones. The hallmark feature is the new Hyper Definition Spatial Engine that enhances music clarity for a superior, theater-like 3D sound experience. The sound engine is specially tuned for popular streaming services with high-definition content such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. The Hypersonic 360 Headphones are available now on and in select Sam’s Club stores and on

Phenomenal Hyper Definition 3D Sound Experience
LinearFlux founders are world-renowned for creating revolutionary headphones with class-leading professional level acoustics, collaborating with music industry giants like Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Lady Gaga, and others. They designed the new HyperSonic 360 to deliver an immersive sound experience with its Hyper Definition Spatial Engine. Music comes alive with the expansive sound stage and the deep powerful bass. Four different sized ear-tip sizes keep the sound in the user’s ears by creating a tight cocoon of passive noise isolation for noise-free listening enjoyment.

From a design and convenience perspective, the breakthrough innovation is the seamless earbud case that ‘magnetically snaps’ to the back of a smartphone. Inspired by the open-air design of the limited-edition Ferrari Monza, the HyperSonic earbuds stow away discretely in their own self-enclosed canopy in the case. With an exquisite soft touch finish the case features a vibrant digital display, a 29 Watt-hour energy reserve with full MagSafe compatibility and magnetic wireless charging. Compatible with both iPhones and Android Smartphones. The HyperSonic 360 can hypercharge a smartphone from 0 to 50% in as little as 25 minutes and with its energy reserve it offers a class-topping 360+ hours of playtime. That’s one hour of playtime for practically a full year without having to recharge!

A 5-minute recharge of the earbuds provides up to one hour of playtime. With its advanced magnetics, a smartphone and HyperSonic 360 can be mounted together onto any magnetic car or desk mount. The included HyperMag™ magnetic cable allows ‘fumble-free’ simultaneous recharging of the HyperSonic 360 and smartphone. With Qi-wireless compatibility, iPX6 sweat and water-resistant protection, and an industry-leading 360+ hours of playtime, the HyperSonic 360 headphone system adapts to any lifestyle.

A Complete Sound Solution That Supports Your Active Lifestyle
The HyperSonic 360 is designed to seamlessly adapt to active lifestyles, as the ultimate "go-anywhere," device users can rely on for the most demanding tasks. Connecting with friends and loved ones has never been easier. The headphones internal microphone with beam-forming algorithms helps improve and strengthen voice clarity when making calls using one or both earbuds. LinearFlux’ s 360 advanced Bluetooth technology eliminates call and music dropouts. Volume, track control, or summoning your favorite smart assistant, including Siri, Google, and Alexa, is just a finger touch away.

Eco Friendly 10-in-1 Design Has LESS Carbon Footprint
As noted by CEO, Einstein Galang, "LinearFlux understands the impact that all our electronic gadgets have on the environment. The HyperSonic 360’s innovative 10-in-1 design means less singular function products finding their way in landfills and oceans. We’re committed to creating products that enrich people’s lives and empower them to do great things. Our customers want uncompromising performance and design. They can embrace our technology with confidence and know that the HyperSonic 360 is their ‘Everyday Hero’ – it allows them to make the next day more adventurous than the one before."

Here are the list of products/technologies that the HyperSonic 360 replaces: Earbuds, MagSafe Charger, Charging Cable, Wireless Charging Pad, Magnetic Desk Mount, USB charger, USB-C PD fast charger, Car Mount, and high-capacity charging case.

About LinearFlux
Headquartered in San Francisco, LinearFlux™ is committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing mobile accessories that far exceed consumers’ everyday needs. Its first product, LithiumCard™, established the industry benchmark for ultra-fast charging, using the proprietary Hypercharger™ technology. Today, LinearFlux offers two lines of mobile products, HyperChargers™ for power/accessories, and HyperSonic™ for audio. Founded in 2014, LinearFlux has back-to-back CES Innovation Wins from a team that has more than 30 years’ experience in the consumer electronics industry. Their complete line of award-winning products is distributed globally.

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