Lightsaber Company Strikes Again

MAPLETON, Utah, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After years of wielding lightsabers across the galaxy and experiencing the intensely destructive force of teenagers.  It was clear Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts everywhere deserve better.  Everyone should be able to afford a high end, combat-ready, customizable lightsaber that won’t break the bank. That was the thought of Blake Heringer, and his fellow founders back in 2016 when Kyberlight set out to change the lightsaber business forever.

In 2016, Kyberlight sounded the clarion call to revolutionize the lightsaber market with the launch of their V1 lightsaber —a high-quality, all-features-included, fully customizable saber—but at half the industry average price. Sweetening the deal, their offer included a lifetime blade warranty, the first of its kind in the industry, made possible by their own proprietary blend of polycarbonate material.

“The response from the saber community has been absolutely incredible, helping us raise over half a million dollars in just 45 days through crowdfunding for our V1, and stepping up again in 2020 by funding just over four hundred thousand dollars and enabling us to launch a jaw dropping v5 lightsaber,”  said original founder and creator Blake Heringer.

Over the last 7 years, Kyberlight has been steadily improving their technology, processes, and pricing in an effort to continually disrupt the tired and expensive lightsaber market. And now, Kyberlight is at it again. 

With the announcement of their V10 lightsabers on February 26th, 2022, Kyberlight is changing the lightsaber game once again by bringing advanced feature-sets, normally reserved for expensive sabers, into the affordable market at—yet again—half the industry average price. 

“In a world where prices are increasing, and everything is so expensive for families, we wanted to step up and help.  That’s why we have lowered our retail pricing.  It’s our way of saying thank you,” said co-owner Adam Bazzelle.

There are a lot of really cool lightsabers out there,” said saber enthusiast Laura H, “but they are really expensive and what’s worse is your stuck with one design that you can’t ever change. You take the price point of Kyberlight’s V10, though, and the features they include standard—you know, Flash on Clash, boot effects, Smooth Swing, 30+ sound fonts, the infinite blade colors, Lifetime Blade Warranty, et cetera, et cetera—that’s…that’s the best bang for your buck you can get.”

The response to Kyberlight’s new V10 has been equally exciting.  They offered their current customers an upgrade path and quickly surpassed their goals.  On February 26th they launched a V10 Indiegogo campaign with high hopes. Watch out because here comes Kyberlight to revolutionize the lightsaber industry again. Visit the Indiegogo Campaign now to reserve your V10 Kyberlight Saber.

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