LAD Integrates SIP Telephone Server and VoIP PBX into its Affordable Wi-Fi 6E Triband Wireless Router Platform for Home and Business

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LAD transforms existing telephone service with free telephone lines, routing features and access to wholesalers, opening up lower domestic and international rates and bringing home the benefits of choice. The digital VoIP revolution brought forth an ocean of small carriers, however, the benefits have not trickled down to the consumer. Instead the consumer typically contracts with and relies on one provider for everything. It is akin to shopping only at a single store for an entire year. With the addition of SIP server and VoIP PBX capabilities to its surprisingly affordable Wi-Fi 6E triband wireless router LAD enables users to tap into resellers without sacrificing their current telephone arrangements.

The versatility and flexibility afforded by LAD’s SIP server lets users enhance their current telephone service or replace it, as they choose. For example, one may be happy with the current telephone service, but find others who offer cheaper rates to New York, Tennessee and parts beyond – LAD even enables international calling at local rates. Or the user may just need another line. With LAD they can do that, without making any changes to their current service. After all, it is none of the telco’s business how many telephones they have in their home or office.

What’s more, LAD’s VoIP PBX can handle all the call routing for all manner of working arrangements. Whether working from home, in the office or a hybrid, LAD has what it takes to handle it all, including a full-featured system for wired and wireless network connectivity, management and control. LAD also works with free applications like SIPDroid that users can install on their cell phones, tablets and PCs, and place telephone calls through LAD from practically any device, anywhere and enjoy all the features, flexibility and cost savings it provides.

With LAD’s SIP server it is no longer a question of one reliable (or not so reliable) carrier, but the choice of many and, if quality is subpar, move on. Get a block of minutes, login name and password and start calling. It is the same shopping around that the telephone companies do, not shying away from even fly-by-night operations, as long as they deliver the minutes. The possibilities go even further. If the old telco proves to have nothing worth keeping or it is too expensive, users can create their own private network and interconnect to whomever they want, be it small carriers, large carriers and even directly to friends and family, bypassing the telcos altogether and connecting to whomever they wish for free.

The simplicity of using LAD, however, is key to users’ success. Life is too busy to spend time on massive configurations, which is why LAD makes it easy to put its SIP server and VoIP PBX in place. Plug in the SIP account and password from the service provider into LAD and start using it right away. Users can happily dive into that ocean of choice and fair prices, but in their own good time and according to their own needs.

Take voicemail, a great and informative tool and just one of the features LAD does better. Too often vacationers leave their voicemail on vacation beyond their return date. LAD solves this elegantly with multiple user greetings, which may be scheduled for time of day, day of the week or specific dates, bringing a touch of class and sophistication to what is often considered mundane. It seems a small thing, but nevertheless unprofessional to listen to a vacation voicemail on Thursday for someone supposedly back on Monday. With LAD there is no remembering to change it, because it was all scheduled ahead of time.

About LAD. Short for LateralAccessDevice from IPCopper, Inc, now with Wi-Fi 6E, SIP server and VoIP PBX. Why lateral? Because it manages network flows laterally, as well as vertically. IPCopper has been in the business of network appliances for over a decade, making commercial appliances for business and government. We built something we are proud to use ourselves. Quality software is made by good engineers here at home. Check back for more practical, common-sense features – we’re on a roll!

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Kathryn Ash