KeyBudz Launches New Line of Products for AirPods and AirTags

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KeyBudz, maker of essential accessories for Apple AirPods, today announced the release of four new products: Proof Labs Grip Tips for AirPods 3, Proof Labs Grip Tips for AirPods Pro, KeyBudz AirCare Cleaning Kit, and KeyBudz AirTags EZ Mounts. All products are now available in KeyBudz’s Amazon storefront.

KeyBudz has been redefining the EarPods & AirPods experience since 2014 with original designs that focus on optimizing performance and functionality. Never compromising on quality, the company offers stylish accessories as well as thoughtful solutions for users who often find themselves readjusting or dropping their AirPods from a less than ideal fit.

KeyBudz’s latest products are here just in time for the holidays:

Proof Labs Grip Tips for AirPods 3/AirPods Pro: Ear Hooks for Apple AirPods
Grip Tips’ were engineered to be the best solution for AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro owners looking to keep their AirPods’s from falling out. They feature an industry-leading dual durometer design for a soft comfortable fit with uncompromised security. Years of testing and data from previous AirPods models allowed us to engineer the perfect hook shape to fit nearly all ears, designed specifically to minimize pressure points. A proprietary dual durometer elastomer was developed with a softer earhook for maximum comfort and hold, while the body remains slightly more rigid providing a better fit. A patent pending Taper-Fit design was also implemented for the AirPods 3 Grip Tips to provide users the best fit possible. Grip Tips are also infused with Ion Pure Antimicrobial to resist the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

KeyBudz AirCare: Cleaning Kit for Apple AirPods
This 8-piece kit consists of all the necessary tools for Apple owners to clean and maintain their AirPods. To best remove earwax on the speaker we recommend the following steps: 1. Start with the Precision Cotton Swabs to remove any buildup around the speaker. 2. Follow up by spinning the head of the Fine Bristle Brush on the speaker by rolling the brush between your fingers. 3. Finish with an AirCare Sticky Square by gently pressing a single square into the speaker area of the AirPod. Anti-Bacterial Swabs and Wipes can be used to disinfect all areas of the AirPods and Microfibers are included for a quick and easy refresh. The Medium Bristle Brush can be used to brush off the inside of the AirPods charging case as well as the charging port. A small magnifying glass is included to better see small details. A well-maintained set of AirPods will ensure that users will experience the best sound possible.

KeyBudz EZ Mount: Apple AirTag Holder and Mount
The new EZ Mount attaches Apple AirTags onto belongings with a secure fit body and an RSA reusable adhesive that can be mounted onto most surfaces. The adhesive can be easily cleaned with water and left to fully dry in order to revive stickiness for multiple uses. A removable cap for the adhesive is also included.

"Apple products such as AirPods are a big, personal investment that can fulfill the needs of many different lifestyles and activities. The last thing you want is to find out that your new purchase doesn’t work or fit the way you want it to," said Ronald Mok, co-founder of KeyBudz. "KeyBudz intuitive solutions are designed to address user issues so people can enjoy AirPods to their fullest potential."

KeyBudz’s approach to enhancing the AirPods user experience has amassed a large base of loyal customers in both physical and digital spaces: flagship products are sold at big-box stores worldwide and have also earned the company a reputation as a 5-Star Seller on Amazon.

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About KeyBudz
KeyBudz was founded in 2015 and built on a simple principle: To improve the EarPods & AirPods experience for people everywhere. The KeyBudz team consists of designers and thinkers that employ a human-centric approach to design and create product offerings that complement the unique lifestyles of individuals so they can do more of what they love with their AirPods. For more information on KeyBudz and its products, visit:

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