Joan Showcases Next Generation Meeting Room Scheduler at CES 2022

MILPITAS, Calif., Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Joan, the world’s smartest and most sustainable meeting room booking device, will attend in January 5-8th 2022 the CES in Las Vegas and will present its latest device, Joan 6 Pro at E Ink’s private meeting space. This will highlight the longstanding collaboration with E Ink, the ePaper pioneer, and celebrate the successful result that their technology combined with Joan’s product innovation achieved.

Joan 6 Pro was designed in response to the pandemic and to react to the ongoing challenges that the workplace is facing in its shift towards more flexible office dynamics. Based on first hand feedback from customers, Joan 6 Pro device is an efficiency enabler, enterprise grade solution for businesses.

Capable of handling more than 100 meeting rooms and conference spaces, Joan 6 Pro is the perfect solution for enterprise that allows employees to know beforehand where meetings will be held and to check a meeting room’s timetable directly on the device, virtually eliminating double bookings or cancelled meetings that tie up room space because someone forgot to unbook.

"Our goal with Joan 6 Pro was to create the perfect solution for the workplace of the future. The office is changing rapidly and its core function is being reshaped, so we need to be ahead of the curve. Our device integrates seamlessly in big office spaces and its software solutions follow the most recent workplace dynamics. People are slowly going back to the office and now more than ever companies will need tools that help them keep this safe and efficient. That is why we created Joan 6 Pro," said Matej Zalar, Co-Founder.

With a quiet and elegant design, the device has a 6" interactive, touch and E Ink electronic paper screen. It adheres to the highest levels of security (TLS 1.3 encryption) and integrates seamlessly with Google workspace, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Accruent EMS and iCalendar.

The extra features included in the Pro device offer both new hardware and software enhancements over the standard Joan devices. To offer more flexibility Joan 6 Pro can be configured with either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or via Smart Magnet. PoE guarantees strict security protocols and ensures constant power to the device while eliminating the eventuality for the device to wander off. It also allows for dual LEDs (green and red) to communicate room occupancy at all times. Instead, for a more dynamic use, Joan 6 Pro can also be outfitted with its own Smart Magnet which acts both as a support and as a location tag thanks to the device’s 2.4 or 5 ghz Wi-Fi connectivity. The system is designed so that as soon as a Joan 6 Pro device is attached to the magnet, it automatically reconfigures to display the room’s dedicated information. This allows devices to be interchanged without any loss of information or synchronization to the room’s schedule.

"We listened to our Enterprise Clients and developed this next generation Joan 6 Pro based on their feedback. Two years in the making, Joan 6 Pro is now being evaluated and sought after by some of the biggest global Enterprise clients. Addressing our customers’ requirements of sustainability, energy efficiency and technology innovation is at the core of the new generation of Joan devices," says Martin E. Fishman, Director of Enterprises and Strategic Alliances.

For all Joan devices, sustainability is one of the top priorities and the experience acquired over more than a decade of operating in the sector, allowed this Pro device to proudly continue this tradition. Made with recyclable materials and engineered with an ultra-low power architecture, Joan 6 Pro allows for six months of battery on a single charge resulting in extremely low electricity costs, making it 100 times more efficient than competing solutions and over 500 times more efficient than a regular consumer’s tablet. Also, to further Joan’s testament to sustainability, we decided to share with our customers our commitment through our latest initiative where we pledged to plant one tree in Indonesia for every device sold.

Joan is designed for anyone who strives to achieve efficiency and nurture sustainability in the workplace. We welcome you to learn more about us at CES 2022 and encourage you to contact Martin E. Fishman to schedule a meeting since access to the area is by invite only. Find his contacts at the end.

For more detailed information on Joan 6 Pro specs Click here.

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