iVALT Disrupts the $30 Billion Identity Market

iVALT Transforms Zero Trust Identity with Patented, 1-Click Approach

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — For the past few decades, we’ve been suffering from an identity crisis. Relentless data breeches, escalating hacker attacks, expensive ransomware demands, rampant identity theft, and sophisticated deepfakes have made verifying your own identity—and the identity of who you’re interacting with over the phone or internet—extremely challenging for businesses and individuals alike.

Baldev Krishan, PhD, and Brian Stout founded iVALT to provide a solution to these challenges with an innovative approach that goes far beyond usernames, passwords, and even the addition of two-factor authenticator apps. By enabling iVALT’s Universal Biometric ID, a single user ID can be used for everything and can be verified by one click on your mobile phone, eliminating the need for passwords entirely. That means phone calls, online logins, physical access, verification of content, and access to Internet of things (IoT) devices will only need one click—something no one else in the $30 billion market can currently provide.

With five patents granted and ten pending, iVALT is uniquely positioned to provide enterprises with the strongest level of identity verification and access management at scale. The key is iVALT doesn’t rely on any single attribute of a person, not even biometrics, since AI technology will soon compromise biometrics as well. Instead, iVALT bolsters biometrics with unique “context” variables that can’t be easily guessed—much less hacked. These five factors of identity include device ID, user set geofencing and time windowing, as well as unique application IDs and other dynamic variables that can only be verified from the mobile phone when at the approved endpoint. In this way, iVALT offers the strongest form of Zero Trust identity: “never trust, always verify.” 

Just answering a phone call these days can open you up to scams and even AI-enabled deepfake voice impersonations of trusted business contacts and even loved ones. These callers manipulate people into sharing personal information, sending money or otherwise risking your security and privacy. iVALT reveals the true identity, OnDemandID, of the person on the other end of any phone call regardless of the caller ID. iVALT “communities” of users, including friends, family and business associates can verify themselves and each other and share location information. Callers not already using iVALT can register in just minutes to identify themselves. iVALT verifies the caller’s biometrics, device ID and any geofencing and time windowing parameters so you know exactly who you are talking to.

iVALT will soon be offering the option to use iVALT as an anchor reference for user identity, by verifying government-issued documents like driver’s licenses and passports when you register your iVALT mobile app so you can use iVALT to access online banking, social media networks, or crypto currency transactions. iVALT provides Authenticate Anywhere, a mobile notification and approval request, including biometrics and other iVALT identifiers, for the use of your identity, in real time, stopping identify theft before it can even start.

“iVALT has set out first and foremost to create a great customer experience,” says Krishan, CEO of iVALT. “To do this effectively in the identity market, we’ve cracked the code. It’s all about 1-Click.”

“In the wake of 30 years of data breaches, identity theft, and a lack of any personal control over one’s identity, the world is ready for decentralized identity,” adds Stout, iVALT’s chief product officer. “With iVALT, the possibilities for enterprise really are endless. Whether you are protecting enterprise systems or data, providing customer support or need secure access for remote employees, iVALT has you covered.”

To learn more, visit iVALT.com.

About iVALT

iVALT was founded by Baldev Krishan, PhD, and Brian Stout in Silicon Valley in 2019 with the mission of enabling mobile-based biometric authentication for any application, at any time and from anywhere. iVALT transforms Zero Trust Identity with a patented 1-click approach using biometrics bolstered by multiple identifiers and OnDemandID, to identify deepfake callers and scams. With the creation of a personal Universal Biometric ID for all identity applications: for online, physical access and in-person proof of identity, iVALT is uniquely positioned to disrupt the $30 billion identity market. Visit iVALT.com for more information.

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