Heirloom Computing Replatforms The Avon Company’s IBM Mainframe Workloads as Cloud-Native Applications on AWS

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To meet its mainframe decommissioning goal, The Avon Company needed to migrate its Integrated Marketing Information System (IMIS) to Amazon Web Services (AWS). IMIS is a bespoke core IBM Mainframe application that had no alternative outside of the mainframe so the decision was made to replatform it to the cloud. To get there, The Avon Company created a technology ecosystem with Heirloom Computing and Cognizant that pivoted around AWS as the destination.

Cognizant led the project, using Heirloom Computing’s Probe™ for application inventory analysis & collection, and Heirloom® for code refactoring and data migration.

The IMIS application was replatformed into a cloud-native application running on the JVM and deployed to AWS, through a process known as automated refactoring using the Heirloom product suite.

The migration project was completed on time and underwent a parallel production period that was aligned with the mainframe decommissioning milestone.

Rick Boyle, Vice President Information Technology, The Avon Company

"The Avon Company’s decision to decommission the mainframe was driven by a business imperative to exit the data center business. At the same time, we had to ensure that the integrity of the business-critical batch processing from IMIS was retained. Heirloom Computing’s cloud-native solution delivered on all the requirements with ease."

Gary Crook, President & CEO, Heirloom Computing

"Once again, Heirloom has clearly demonstrated that it is the fastest lowest-risk approach to replatforming and refactoring mainframe workloads to the cloud. RPA automation and compiler-based refactoring underpin Heirloom’s unique approach, producing outcomes that are guaranteed to match existing function and behavior."

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