Experience The Turbotive™Technology of the Brand New MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Best (And Last) Charger One Should Buy

With a compact size and high performance, the new MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger offers the fastest charging capabilities on the market. The Turbotive™Technology in this new MANINAM charger not only keeps iPhone 12 Pro Max charged with incredible speed, but the adaptive technology will offer universal compatibility with all devices including super fast charging for Samsung galaxies.

While many competitors create unimpressive chargers that must be purchased over and over, the US-based team at MANINAM is committed to creating products that need to be bought once – because they are so durable and effective!

The Top 10 Reasons Everyone Needs MANINAM’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger with Turbotive™Technology

MANINAM’s brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max charger takes everything consumers love about mobile device chargers and matches it with an artistic aesthetic. The MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max charger is the perfect companion for home, in the office, or while out on the town.

Here is a breakdown of the top ten reasons that consumers are choosing the MANINAM iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger.

  1. Super-Fast Charging With Turbotive™Technology
  2. Available For Purchase With & Without An Apple MFI-Certified Cable
  3. A Pocket-Friendly Size Perfect for Travel
  4. Foldable & Sturdy Prongs That Won’t Snag Or Bend
  5. Premium Quality Construction That Lasts
  6. A Lifetime Warranty Included
  7. The Only Charger One Needs To Buy
  8. Small & Stylish EVA Case Included
  9. Packaged With Sustainable, Bio-Friendly Materials
  10. The Most Aesthetically-Pleasing Charger On The Market

How To Purchase the New iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger
With their brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger, MANINAM continues to raise the bar on what consumers expect from their smartphone device accessory designer. As an emerging technology brand in California specialized in charging technologies, consumers trust that the new charger is designed with the latest technology and highest-quality materials.

To purchase the brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max Charger powered by Turbotive™Technology, visit MANINAM today. See why iPhone users are choosing MANINAM over competitors for their passion for customer service, care, and compassion in each product. The product is also available on Amazon for purchase at AMZ/MANINAM/iPhone-12-Charger.

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