Decibel Atmosphere is the Best Tech Developed During the Pandemic That Also Challenges Apple Airpods at $100 Less

BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Decibel Electronics is proud to announce the release of the Decibel Atmosphere DA² earbuds.  The new DA² was created with the remote student and remote worker in mind.  It offers superior wireless freedom while allowing for voice, Skype and Zoom clarity.  At the same time, the style and performance of the unit is superior to most of the popular brands on the market, at a fraction of the price.

The Decibel Atmosphere DA² earbuds provide an affordable solution for any student or home working setting. This device offers an alternative to inconvenient and distracting laptop audio options.  Furthermore, the flexibility and range of the product is ideal for either the student or home working professional at a fraction of the price of other professional systems.

The Decibel Atmosphere DA² earbuds have a longer battery life (36 hours), top water-proofing (IPX5), newer Bluetooth version (5.0), and a bigger audio driver for superior sound (13mm), at a much lower price than its closest competitors. The Decibel Atmosphere DA² earbud is extremely affordable individually or as a gift at an early launch price of $59.99 at

Decibel Electronics was created with the belief that premium products do not have to cost premium dollars.  Decibel Electronics’ other products include Deci-Diamond Bamboo Total Wireless Digital Bluetooth Speaker, Deci-Cam 2MB security 360-degree and tilt, 1080 DP Camera, Decibel Tri-Power Charger and Decibel H78 Bluetooth Headphones Diamond Studio.

According to Shaun Chojnacki, director of operations for Decibel Electronics, “We are extremely excited about the use of this product in the marketplace.  We believe that it will allow people both at work and home to enjoy the premium sound and extreme convenience at a fraction of the price.”

Decibel Electronics is an eCommerce retailer founded in 2017 and is owned by parent company Intergalactic Deals LLC.  The Decibel Electronics staff has over two decades of international sourcing and retail experience.

Shaun Chojnacki – Operations Director
Decibel Electronics

SOURCE Decibel Electronics

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