BodiMetrics’ Prevention circul+ Ring Sleep Apnea Detection Comparable to Sleep Lab Tests

New research shows that BodiMetrics’ leading smart ring for health works as well as traditional sleep apnea detection machines per study results presented by world-renowned sleep doctor Dr. Miguel Meira e Cruz at the 2022 World Sleep Congress

ROME, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BodiMetrics announced today the results of a 164 patient clinical study that compared their Prevention circul+ wearable ring device versus traditional polysomnography (PSG) test. The results revealed that the circul+ compares favorably to the conventional and bulkier PSG systems widely used for sleep apnea detection.

Miguel Gonçalves Meira e Cruz presented the study results to a room of top sleep doctors at the 2022 World Sleep Congress in Rome, Italy, considered the premier global event for sleep science. Of all the available smart wearable devices, only the Prevention circul+ can continuously monitor and record heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), and heart rate variability and do so regardless of skin pigmentation.

"The Circul ring is the only wearable consumer health device that can measure oxygen saturation beat by beat for the entire night," said Miguel Gonçalves Meira e Cruz, head of the Sleep Unit of Cardiovascular Center of the University of Lisbon and director of the European Sleep Center. "This means that it is a highly sensitive screener."

"The Prevention circul+ has shown itself to be among the best consumer health devices today," said Meir Kryger, MD, FRCPC, professor of pulmonary and sleep medicine at Yale. "These devices tend to be useful to physicians only if they can provide accurate health information for our patients, and the circul+ by BodiMetrics delivers."

"When we launched the Circul and circul+ rings, we knew we needed to gain interest from leaders in the medical industry," said Neil Friedman, co-founder of BodiMetrics. "These latest results validate that the Prevention circul+ Ring can provide medical-grade data for consumers. Our device is not merely an activity or lifestyle device like the vast majority within this category. Instead, we provide deeper, more useful, and even critical information for the times we live in."

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