AI Enabled PCs, Not So Fast!

BELMONT, Mass., June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Research Group, a market research firm specializing in forecasting technology markets announces the free availability of its new U.S. AI Enabled Personal Devices Market Size and Ten-Year Forecast Report, as well it’s updated United States Personal Device Market Size and Forecast 2024-2028 Report.

Market Overview

The major forecasting challenge over the past three years has been understanding the disruptive changes to household and business demand for computing and communication personal device, caused by the pandemic and the subsequent policies and procedures designed to mitigate its damaging effects. That period is now over and the new challenge is to gain a better understanding of how AI Enabled Personal Computing Devices will restore demand to pre-pandemic levels and above.

Looking longer-term we see AI as the next major creative/destructive innovation event. As in the past, there is a lag, usually longer than expected, from the introduction of a new innovation to the full realization of its potential. Yet, AI (or the promise of AI) is here, and will have a significant impact on the demand for Personal Computing Devices by individual, households, businesses, and government entities.

Our current total Personal Device forecast reflects our assumptions about the increase in demand attributed to AI enabled Personal Devices. DRG has also developed a separate Market Size and Ten-Year forecast of AI Enabled PCs, Tablets and Phones. The report is available free from the content page on DRG’s website. 4% of all Personal Device purchased in 2024 will be AI Enabled and will be purchased by 3% of all Households and Business. These percentages will growth to 10.7% and 18.2% respectively by 2028, and 77.0% and 73.7% respectively by 2034.

Developer and vendors, distributors and marketers, investors, and business and consumer buyers/users all are facing important near-term and long-term decisions that require a greater clarity and understanding about the future of AI Enabled Personal Devices (AIEPDs). DRG can provide that greater clarity and understanding of the market for total PCs, Tablets, and Phones, as well as the emerging AI Enabled market, with its market size and 10-Year forecasts developed using its proprietary EquilibriumSolver (EQS) methodology and application.

EquilibriumSolver (EQS) is a forecasting methodology and application that utilizes a combination of long-term market trends, current unit shipments and revenue data, as well as analyst assessments of influencing economic, demographic, and market factors. EQS generate forecasts with very high predictive properties by using analyst insight to inform assumptions about the size of the market, penetration rates, densities, and replacement rates.

Our three most current forecast reports are freely available from our web site.
DRG’s United States PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone Market Size and Forecast to 2028.
DRG’s United States AI Enabled PC, Tablet and Smart Phone Market Size and Forecast to 2034
DRG’s United States Business Demographic Total Available Market Forecast to 2028

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