A Foreign Affair Assists Clients After Safety Concerns with International Matchmaking Dating Apps

PHOENIX, Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The US Embassy in Bogota recently issued a travel warning to American men visiting Colombia because of a string of attacks on American men – including at least eight murders – who met local women on dating apps, but ignored the unmatched safety record of international matchmaking agencies.

John Adams, President of AFA, an Arizona based matchmaking company, A Foreign Affair, has safely guided thousands of American men to Colombia for over twenty-five years.  Adams said, “These recent events are tragedies, but we have helped tens of thousands of American men safely meet Colombian women without any serious incidents.”

Adams explains, “The International Marriage Broker Act of 2005 (IMBRA) was designed to protect foreign women, so we collect significant background information on our male clients including their criminal records, previous marital records, among other things.  We also conduct a check of the national sex offender database.”

Women receive this information before they are ever introduced to a man, but AFA also vets the women too. “We have three physical offices in Colombia and our staff actually get to know the vast majority of the women personally.” Adams explains.

AFA collects government ID, biometric data, and contact information from the women.  “When a man using our service meets a woman there is no question as to who she is.  That is why we have not experienced any of these issues in all these years with thousands of introductions.”

Google Bans International Matchmakers

Long time dating industry analyst, Charles Morton, who moderates r/MailOrderBrideFacts on Reddit explained that, “Because of IMBRA and the fact that it is a face to face process, international matchmaking is incredibly safe and very effective, but ironically Google, which controls nearly 90% of American search traffic, has banned many international matchmakers from advertising, ostensibly because they facilitate marriages between foreigners as strange as that sounds.”

This is an issue that Morton finds frustrating. “Matchmakers know their clients, most of them are deeply committed to their clients’ success, and there is a mountain of academic research showing that international matchmaking works, but most potential clients do not even know they exist because Google bans them and promote far more dangerous dating apps.”  

Adams, whose company is almost thirty years old, has safely guided tens of thousands of men on tours to Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia, explains that safety is at the forefront of their process.  “We introduce our clients to local women in safe venues, provide them translators, and give them a list of approved restaurants, coffee shops, and night clubs where they won’t be ripped off.” 

Redditors certainly support Adam’s claims.  Reddit user, AdPlastic3639, writes that, “I was in Colombia 3 times last year…. I would not recommend going on one’s own. AFA is a safer alternative and the women use it because they also have safety concerns.”  Another, Alembicibass, who met his wife through A Foreign Affair, is clear: “This is an example of why I used AFA instead of apps.”

International matchmakers are a great option for men who are interested in meeting serious foreign women. They help couples get past many of the cultural and logistical challenges and focus on building successful relationships. Their local knowledge and professionalism eliminates the risks that State Department warned about in Colombia, but until Google changes its polices international matchmaking will remain a far less popular solution for Americans overseas than the far more dangerous option of dating apps.

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John Adams