940 million Calls Rang Household Phones Last Week

imp announces the findings of its initial "Landline Landscape Report," the first report to focus exclusively on household landline phone data.

ETNA, N.H., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Approximately 40 million American households use a landline phone.  But attention to the prevalence of spam and phone scams has almost exclusively focused on the mobile phone market.  With rapid advancements in scammers’ technological abilities, the ineffectiveness of programs, like the Do Not Call Registry and STIR/SHAKEN, and a lack of meaningful innovation in the landline phone space, landliners find themselves entrenched in a daily battle with unwanted callers.

"Scam callers are smart. They constantly change their caller ID and can often make it look like a neighbor is calling. Plus, they have billions of phone numbers to choose from. It is no wonder that blocking doesn’t work," says Andy Dale, head of Engineering at imp™, the company generating these insights.

In creating its initial "Landline Landscape Report" imp leverages in-depth analysis from active landline users along with consumer insight from over 14,000 Americans to create the first and only detailed look into consumer landline phone use in the United States.

Key Findings of the Study Include:

83% of Landline Owners are Actively Bothered by Unwanted Calls: Nearly one third of all households in the US have a landline.  Of these households, 8 out of every 10 households report being actively bothered by unwanted landline calls.

79% of Landline Calls are Unwanted: Households with a landline phone receive on average 24 calls per week. Landline users classify 19 of these 24 calls as "unwanted."  Only 5 of the 24 calls are "wanted" calls from friends and family.

Call Blocking is a 5% Solution: Of the 19 unwanted calls received each week, only 1 would be stopped by traditional call blocking devices, leaving the other 18 calls access to the landline phone.

Additional Stats from the Study Include:

  • Monthly landline call volume continues to increase at a rate of 7%.
  • The highest number of unwanted calls received by a landline phone in a single day is 103.
  • Landline owners spend close to 45 minutes each week dealing with unwanted calls. 
About imp

Founded in 2019 in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, imp’s mission is to rid the world from the scourge of the unwanted caller. The team consists of old school landline experts, modern smart-phone developers, and network security and privacy architects who have been working for two years to bring the product to life. Initial customer response has been very positive, with over 85% of customers actually referring the product to friends. For the first time, imp™ is now available to the public. For more information, visit joinimp.com.

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